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Estacios Valoi

The 2009 Cape Town International Jazz Festival that takes place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) on 03-04 April will be a “mother of all celebrations”. Not only is the festival to celebrate its tenth anniversary, organisers have lined up a programme in which different musicians will toast their achievements. Already, legendary trumpeter Hugh Masekela celebrates his seventieth birthday at one of the event’s five stages. So is Cape Town–based Latin-beat group, Loading Zone. The band celebrates its twentieth anniversary at this year’s Cape Town International Jazz Festival.

‘It will rain tonight, I smell it in the air, and how we have waited.’
Joseph E. Kariuri

The stones on the stage: 340ml (Mozambique); Prisoners of Strange (RSA); Goldfish (RSA); Kyle Shepherd (RSA); Magic Malik (France); Napalma (Brazil/Mozambique); Ndumiso Nyovane (RSA); Pete Philly & Perquisite (Netherlands); Robert Glasper and The Experiment (US); Shakatak (UK); Siphokazi (RSA); Southpaw (RSA) and Stewart Sekuma (Mozambique)

Al Foster Quartet, Arturo Lledo (Spain), Dave Liebman Group (US), Dianne Reeves (US), Emily Bruce (RSA), Freshlyground (RSA), Hugh Masekela (RSA), Incognito (UK), Jonathan Rubain (RSA), Kyle Eastwood (US), Loading Zone (RSA), Maceo Parker (US), Maurice Gawronsky (RSA), New York Voices (US), Peter White (UK), Ringo Madlingozi (RSA), Rus Nerwich’s collective imagination (RSA), The Stylistics (US) and Zap Mama (Belgium).

South Africa’s guitar wizard Dr. Philip Tabane as well as award-winning, saxophonist McCoy Mrubata. “Jazz meets Opera’. Also present is Cape Town Jazz Orchestra, the first professional and city-wide jazz orchestra in post-apartheid South Africa. The 16-piece unit is a brainchild of the legendary pianist Abdullah Ibrahim.

“ The guitarist Jonathan Butler/saxophonist Dave Koz guitarist Jonathan Butler/saxophonist Dave Koz, Dutch pianist Mike del Ferro, South Africa’s diva Sibongile Khumalo and locally-based saxophone talent Shannon Mowday

The age of the festival. 10 year of carrier and 10 of the festival. What is the difference ! when the first guitar was skunking in Cape at the festival, Jonathan was noising up.After days trying to fumble the other, suddenly I got stuck in the middle of nowhere. Luck me I got the other. Was not ease, emails, text message and so on, but I knew that tomorrow could rain. So this is what I’m bringing for your. Jonathan Rubain.

Rubain (RSA): is another gem to come out of the Cape Flats. Starting with drums and lead guitar, Rubain fell in love with the sound of the bass at the age of 15. Now at the age of 24, he leads his band that plays sounds that the bassist grew up listening to such as ghoema.

‘ Rubain is a loving caring and soft hearted person who appreciates the gift of music.
For more than 10 years the young man became an icon in the world of music, after he started playing the drums in church and later on the lead guitar until he found
his first love, the bass guitar’.

How was for you to turn up into the musical area, so ease and so difficult, like ‘dog eat dog’?

JR-I listened to a lot of music from a very young age. If you are a musician, you must listen to music all the time.
The music industry is a tough game, so you always have to stay on top of your game.

What does inspire you?
JR-I get inspiration from all genres of music especially African and Cuban music.

How many albums do you have and why Jonathan Rubain band?

JR-I have a 5-piece band. Why Jonathan Rubain Band? It is because we play all my compositions. I played with a lot of bands and artists in South Africa but I decided it’s time to bring out what is boiling inside of me.

Once again you are invited to attend the festival. How was the previous one, and what kind of luggage are you carrying for the people?

JR-The previous one was an amazing experience. This one, people can expect a set of good energetic music played with a lot of passion. We want to blow the audience away (laugh).

I heard that you have some kind of special ritual before you throw yourself to the stage?
JR -We pray before we play. Before I play I’m very nervous. It’s important for me to give the people what they want.

You on the staged, Those lights ‘ blinking’, the sharp noise of the audience, bodies waving, loosing and finding themselves in a permanent state of hallucination.
What comes deep your head?
JR - Just my guitar, my suit and myself.

Jonathan is also preparing his debut album and some other big stuff which is not allowed to the media yet. Unfortunately he could not reveal what does he hide behind his suit.

Like everyone else, he is also struggling with his shadows, ghosts and fears, trying to find himself, Of course Jonathan is not apart of this world but apart of this village what is called world. And this is how he wave on his fears and what he think.

I think not to find myself would be sad for me. I need to show the world who Jonathan Rubain is and what is inside of my heart which is love, peace and joy...

The same way we cook food “matapa” is the same way we cook music.
What about coming to Mozambique to perform in the 2 International Jazz Festival and also drink from our good music “Ucanho’ ?
JR-Unfortunately am not booked to Mozambique. Hopefully I get to come to Mozambique soon.

‘SA the dagga capital of the world’. Another issue is dodging bullets.What is you view point?
Is late now, but let us know when you get on the stage at 3th and 4th April.

As your could read, Jonathan Rubain is another between others, not yet the other I’m hunting. While I’m dragging my feet booming and boosting my bones, the trip goes one looking for the other. Who knows! Perhaps in the next journey will get the other. Until there keep smelling the rain.

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