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Amanda Tifanni -Cape Town International Jazz Festival 2010

Amanda Tiffane on th e11th Cape town international Jazz Festival

Estacios Valoi

Who is Amanda Tiffin?
I am a musician: Singer, pianist, composer, arranger and teacher.
How was your childhood?
I grew up in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. It was a fairly sheltered childhood growing up in a small city. I think I grew up more slowly than most kids of today, because we did not have internet, cellphones, Satellite TV. I played outside a lot, read a lot of books. Most kids now seem to spend time in front of the computer, or cellphone, or in the shopping mall. I spent a lot of time on my friend's farm, running around, riding horses, helping with chores etc.
When was the first time you dreamed about to became a musician?
I started learning piano at age 8. Around age 9 or 10 I used to watch the TV show Fame, and dream of being like those people - singing and dancing and playing music all day!
What is you philosophy of life ?
I believe in the connectedness of all human beings, and the existence of a larger purpose. I believe in the power of now, and in the power of joy and positivity. Life is such a gift, and humans have such a capacity for joy, if we only learn how to tap into it.
In terms of cultural development how do you see the African continent? are we loosing our heritage?
I think that in the large cities in Africa, we are losing our heritage slowly. Languages are changing, and becoming mixed with other languages. Modern culture is changing old culture, and old ways are lost. The way that we live in cities is so different from traditional ways, and I think that it is sad that many of the old values and ways of African life are not preserved and honored anymore. However, I know there are many people who are working hard to preserve the traditions and language of the many African cultures.

Be in this major festival for the first time. What is you expectation ?
This is the first time I am performing on the Cape Town International Jazz Festival. I am very honored and excited about performing (and a little bit nervous!) I am hoping that we will have a large audience, and that I will play for many people who have never heard of me, or my music before, and thereby introduce and my music myself to some new people.
With current unstable situation in your country how can you help you people through you music?
I think every country has issues and problems that people face every day. Some countries more than others. I think music has the ability to reach people emotionally, to make them feel good. Music has an amazing way of helping people to relax, and release tension. I hope that my music will touch people, make them think a little bit about a few things, and mostly just enjoy themselves and forget about their problems for a few hours.
What kind of music do you play and how does life inspire you?
I play jazz music, that is influenced by African rhythms and melodies, and European and American harmony. I am inspired by things that happen in daily life. I am inspired by the stories of ordinary people, by the great beauty of nature and especially the beauty of South Africa and Zimbabwe.
Who will be part of you band for the festival? and why these musicians?
My band members are Shaun Johannes on bass, and Heinrich Goosen on drums. Shaun is one of the best bass players in Cape Town, and he has been playing in my band for 7 years (he was only 19 the first time he played with me).
Heinrich is a fantastic drummer - he is one of the few drummers in Cape Town who is able to combine African rhythms with open-style jazz drumming. We will also play some more "straight ahead" jazz style songs, and he is really great with that style as well. Heinrich has been playing with me for about 3 years.
What comes on you mind when you are on the stage?
So many things! Mostly, what's coming next in the tune, how to find the best expression of the song. But also things like - who is in the audience, how are they responding to us.
What is you main focus within society in order to improve other people its living condition?
I have two projects that I am working on in society. One is a fund-raising project for People with Disabilities. I do a big concert every year to help raise money for a rehabilitation Centre for People with Physical Disabilities.
The other project is community jazz education. I like to assist with music workshops for School children.
Do you have what you consider your best album and why?
Not yet... I am proud of the 3 albums I have recorded, but I think the best is still to come. Hopefully this year!
What most do you fear in this world?
I fear being unable to make or hear music.
How do you see the first ever world cup football be held in the continent?
I think its a wonderful opportunity for us to show off our beautiful continent. It is also a great thing that there is so much improvement on roads, facilities that we will benefit South Africans long after the World Cup is over.
Many African government have thy motto ' reduce poverty ' do you think that they are doing enough or are seeking more deep into corruption living stile?
I do not think most African governments do nearly enough to reduce poverty. It is really sad that when politicians are elected, they are too busy filling their own pockets, and living comfortably, to get down to working towards helping the poor, and improving their standards of living/
I think corruption in Africa is very deep, and it will destroy us all if it is not stopped.
Do you think that education is the main key to boots the continent and what are you reading?
I think education is essential and key to improving life for people. It is essential to help people learn to create work for themselves, and to be able to live sustainable and productive lives.
I am reading a novel by J.M.G Le Clezio, called Desert. it is about a tribe of people living in the North African Desert in the early 20th century.
For you , who could you consider best writes and musicians? Why?
There are so many amazing writers and musicians, too many to think of! I love music from many different genres and countries. Jazz, old and new, world music, folk music, classical music....
Do you have tough about coming and perform in Mozambique?
I would love to come to perform in Mozambique, it is place I've always wanted to visit. I have many friends from Mozambique, so maybe I will get a chance some day!


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